Premarital Counseling

At our office we use the Prepare-Enrich curriculum to provide premarital counseling. There is an initial assessment completed by each partner separate from one another, and we ask that you complete it before your first appointment. Upon completing the assessment, results will come directly to our office and your therapist will review the results with you during your first appointment. On average, premarital counseling typically takes 6-8 sessions to complete, but there are exceptions where we can extend as needed based on assessment results. 

New in 2020, is our Premarital Classes! We are excited to introduce this counseling format. It is a small group setting with other couples, and allows for a more cost effective way to receive the same excellent information and preparation for marriage that is typically found in one on one premarital counseling. Each class lasts 5 weeks, and you can see below for more information.

To sign up for our upcoming premarital classes register below, or call our office at 404-823-6254. Cheers to healthy marriages!

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