Jordanos Tela, LMFT

Jordanos earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Spanish minor from University of Georgia. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who completed her Master of Arts in Marital and Family Therapy from University of San Diego. Jordanos returned to her home state of Georgia following years of work in California county jails. In addition to adult correctional health experience, she has also worked with children, families and adults at the outpatient level.

Her primary areas of focus include family of origin dynamics, intergenerational patterns, interpersonal relationships (romantic, platonic, familial or work-related) and multicultural issues. She enjoys insight-oriented work understanding that establishing greater awareness and clarity about presenting issues can lead to more effective resolution whether that involves acceptance or change work. She appreciates an integrative approach (i.e. CBT, mindfulness, solution-focused, strength-based, exposure therapy, etc.) that allows her to customize the treatment experience to the client's needs.

A key point that Jordanos emphasizes is the collaborative nature to therapy. This means that like any relationship, for therapy to be effective and helpful it is important for the communication to be bidirectional. When things are working well, we utilize assertive communication to acknowledge that. Likewise, when things are not working well, we talk about what is not working and why.

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